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Decoration Power your growth with voice feedback tool

— Learn new things, hear why people love your brand and listen to authentic feedback. Embed voice testimonials into your site to increase trust.

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Decoration Beams is here to

— offer a simple web-based voice recorder that can be shared anywhere. Beams is the best way to solicit sincere feedback and personal stories from your community. With Beams, companies collect on average 4x more responses with voice than via text or video. The Beams AI automatically aggregates millions of voice responses and turns them into unique insights, and highlights top testimonials for sharing to social media and other marketing channels.

Started in 2020, Beams is headquartered in Barcelona and Berlin.

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How it works
Beams empowers you

Decoration Beams empowers you

Get to know your customers

You think you know your customers. We promise your perspective will change once you hear your customers say what they think, want, and don’t want. It’s an unfiltered experience.

High-quality leads

Beams gives you a simple yet powerful tool to collect leads by sharing questions outside of your CRM channels ie social media, in ads or offline.

New class of insights

Voice responses open a new dimension of insights for you. As people speak more freely when recording a voice message, you will learn things beyond the questions you asked. Our AI helps you find the key insights in seconds.

Direct revenue

We encourage every Beams user to offer a promotion code in exchange for a voice response. In avg. 30%+ of people who recorded a response with Beams, make a follow on purchase in the week after.

Authentic testimonials

Listening to a real person instead of reading a quote feels more trustworthy and personal. Select representive voices and embed them on your homepage and PDFs to increase 10x more trust.

Decoration Create your ask
for feedback

— Get started by writing a question. Ask people ie. to record their experience with your products or simply how you make their lives better.

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Decoration Share it anywhere

— It’s time for you to collect voice responses! Send emails with your question as a link, share the link in social media posts, put QR codes offline, or show the Beams widget on your site and let visitors leave a message.

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Browse responses

Decoration Browse responses and access high-quality leads

— Listen to responses or read auto-text transcriptions, search for specific keywords and star outstanding content that you can then use for marketing. Reach out to leads directly from each response.

Decoration Gain new learnings from collected voice responses

— Our mission is to help brands better understand their customers. See responses as they roll in. Access built-in analytics through our live data collections on sentiments, social backgrounds, key topics and demographics.

New learning

Decoration Embed & share outstanding voice testimonials!

— Why reading boring text testimonials when you can listen to real customer stories? Receive 10x more trust with voice testimonials, embedded in your website or shared to social media. Beams offers a no-code solution both for sharing and embedding testimonials.

Put voice testimonials directly on your site using our player.
New learning
Choose between different player sizes that better fit your needs.
Social brands
Or share testimonials as a voice-over video on your social media.
Extra revenue

Decoration Direct revenue from voice responses

— Offering an incentive ie promotion code after leaving a voice response converts to direct revenue on your business.

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— Are you ready to get a taste of the power of Beams?

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