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The easiest way to share your voice to Spotify, TikTok, Instagram and beyond.

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Beams for on-the-go podcasting

We cut out the complexity of launching a podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Just hit record on Beams wherever you are and we will publish your voice messages as podcast episodes.

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Beams for social media

Want to get your thoughts out without agonising over hair, makeup and lighting? And still stand out in the feed? Opt for audio by sharing Beams voice messages to your socials.

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Beams for websites

Harness the intimacy of voice messages to increase conversions and reader engagement on your site. Give visitors the backstory, add context and share testimonials with audio embeds.

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Beams for websites
Beams for Android

While our app is currently iOS-only, we wanted to reduce the wait for our Android fans, so we created a WhatsApp bot that enables you to record directly to Beams.

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