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Executive Summary

The rapid advancement of AI technology has opened new doors for businesses to gain valuable insights and optimize their processes. However, implementing AI solutions in reporting and consumer feedback processes is challenging, especially for enterprises.

Beams, the innovative AI company, tackles this issue by providing large organizations with ready-to-use, AI-driven tools and solutions. Utilizing Beams’ proven platform and expertise in unstructured data processing, insights, analytics, and trends are generated using advanced AI models, including GPT-4.

The Challenge

As most reporting processes in enterprise organisations as well as consumer feedback, is being processed and analysed by humans or semi-intelligent systems, enterprise businesses are eager to integrate AI solutions into their core processes for increased efficiency and deeper insights. The main challenge lies in building scalable solutions that can process vast amounts of unstructured data and generate accurate results using advanced AI models such as GPT-4.

Why Beams

Beams recognizes the potential to address this challenge. By utilizing Beams’ platform, enterprise companies can increase their efficiencies with highly accurate analytics and insights instantly, with very low integrational efforts, while being fully GDPR compliant. Beams’ proven track record in delivering high-quality results from processing large volumes of data using AI like GPT-4, combined with their experience working with enterprise companies like Henkel or the aviation industry, ensures a solid foundation for this opportunity.

The Solution

Beams focuses on providing insights derived from the processing of anonymous text files sent by customers to Beams and which are then processed by Beams and turned into insights, summaries, key takeaways and other means of analytics. The Beams solution also enables customers to record voice files for processing, including speech-to-text transcription and translation services in +60 languages. Our solution can be used as a middleware with API’s to be fully integrated into the client’s infrastructure. Beams also provides a plug and play insights and reporting dashboard that can be fully white labeled. Additionally Beams offers a fully customizable survey and reporting voice recorder infrastructure to generate audio data that is transcribed and turned into insights.

Core Product Integration

In the core product offering, Beams customers send anonymous text files and user IDs to Beams’ API. Beams will then generate insights, summaries, key takeaways, and sentiment analysis based on the data provided. This approach allows for the creation of custom insights tailored to each client’s unique needs. Beams offers an API to send data and insights back to the customer.

Opportunities and Applications

This moment in time presents a significant opportunity for Beams to help large companies harness the power of AI for generating insights. Companies can leverage the Beams platform in various applications, such as customer support, risk and safety reporting, operational reporting, surveys, and market research. Beams ultimately enables organizations to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and drive innovation.

About Beams

Beams is a cutting-edge insights and artificial intelligence company empowering researchers and analysts with software-based capabilities. Beams partners with international corporations to deploy analytics-enhancing software, leveraging a diverse and experienced team of engineers and AI talent. The company develops APIs to integrate leading AI providers, enabling it to process millions of reports and surveys in text and audio form at scale. Beams employs AI and software to facilitate faster and more accurate decision-making and to exploit data at both the strategic and operational levels. Beams is incorporated in Germany and processes data in compliance with GDPR, allowing it to serve highly regulated industries and partners.

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