Story of Us

Our name

How did you come up with the name ‘Beams’?

Our mission has always been to bring people closer together, while giving each other space to grow and evolve as humans. We knew that encountering other people and perspectives on our platform could help us all look at the world differently, so our name had a pretty big job to do.

Starting a brand today isn’t easy. After the first few rounds of name ideation, nothing felt quite right. Some of the names we came up with felt too serious or refined, and others too gimmicky or outdated. They didn’t have the spark or zest of life we were looking for.

It wasn’t until we looked back to a very early form of storytelling, the Magic Lantern, that we felt something brewing.

The Magic Lantern is an early type of image projector which travellers would use to tell their stories about ideas, animals, and cultures they had experienced. People would gather into a room and listen to the speaker share their stories using just their voice. The whole room would be dark, except, the small patch of wall where the images were created using, simply, beams of light. And there it was.

For us, ‘beams’ illuminate new ways of thinking or understanding the world. They represent thoughts, muses – a noodle of your brain that you want to project out into the world. We see our community as lantern holders, shining a light on new ideas that we might not have thought about before. And, of course, we love that a ‘beam’ can also mean a big, playful grin – which is how we want everyone to feel after spending time in the app.