About Us

Beams is a platform for people who like to listen and contribute to great conversations in their own time. Express yourself freely through 90-second voice notes.

Our Story

2019 — 2020
The Beams cofounders — Matej, Lenart, Robert and Alan, — built interactive experiences for French artist JR for installations in New York and San Francisco, allowing viewers to listen to more than 2,000 diverse voices tell their personal stories.
Matej, Lenart, Robert and Alan found Beams and run various tests to connect people through topics.
March 2021
Jeremy Pennycook joins Beams as CPO coming from Spotify.
April 2021
Beams iOS app launch.
October 2021
Beams completes a $6M funding round with Redalpine, Mangrove and TVC.

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