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Thread: Introducing Hidden Gems: your source for unique,...
Olivia Cohen
Sailrock Resort | Turks and Caicos (South Caicos)
Olivia Cohen
Jashita Hotel | Tulum, Mexico (Soliman Bay)
Olivia Cohen
Airbnb Option | Mexico City, Mexico (Roma) |
Olivia Cohen
Dye House | Providence, Rhode Island
Olivia Cohen
The Betsy | South Beach, Florida (Miami)
Olivia Cohen
Airbnb Option | Ghent, New York (Upstate)
Marie Salomé
Saratha Vilas in Chettinad in the south of India in a old palace from the 1900. One of the most perfect hotel I’ve ever been to. Costs approx 70$/night and it’s one of my favorite experience: so much taste, simplicity, luxury, elegance. Food was world class delicious, fresh and simple, I got the best Ayurvedic massage there (still dreaming about it).
Olivia Cohen
Residence Hilda | Florence, Italy
Olivia Cohen
Skyview Los Alamos | Los Alamos, California
Olivia Cohen
Casa Gràcia | Barcelona, Spain
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