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the transition into adulthood: why is it so scary?

in this micro podcast i’d love for you guys to talk about your transitions into adulthood, and how you felt about it!

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Thread: intro!
some of my own thoughts
Caity Hennessy - Calling All Lovers Podcast
Jumping head first into adulthood
Lilly - Call Your Bestie
When do you become an adult?
You don’t need to have the answers - ask yourself the right questions 😌😅😅😅
Eleni Stefanou
Keen to stay a child until I experienced independence
Marie Salomé
So many steps to adulthood, but I delayed most of them for a long time ! 😬 crossing the ocean and becoming a parent are the two things that made me feel like an adult…
Anica - Call Your Bestie
Realizing the extend of responsibilities 🤯
Eleni Stefanou
Ian McKellen’s take on age
El Deane
A backwards story.... 👀
Adult = excited about practical shit?