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Origins of Your Fav Foods

Think of your favorite meal or treat to eat, then look up the history of it and share with the group~

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HAWT CHEETOS - there’s no such thing as “just a janitor”
Gia Kuan
Taiwanese Satay “Sacha” Sauce.. notably the Bullhead brand is the bomb, a umami explosion of dried seafood, ginger, garlic, scallots, Chile and oil that’s so awesome for your hotpot dishes, or general stir fry. Word has it that it originally came from Chaozhou province in China but when ROC went to Taiwan it got readapted.
Gia Kuan
Biscoff cookies traces back to all my American flight memories yet looking back to its history it was founded in 1932 by its parent company Lotus, based in Lemberg, Belgium — a sweet relief after World War II and until this day still owned by the same family.
A self-proclaimed Intl Chocolate Cookie Queen... these are the Bonne Maman Tartelettes Chocolat Caramel - Legend has it that tarts like these (aka Tart Tatin) were created by two sisters named Caroline and Stephanie in France in the 1880s. These are mini and prepackaged versions of the tarts. Super yummy and probably one of my favorite desserts 🍮
<3 mallowmars <3 yum
Marie Salomé
Thanks to my love for eggplants I might have been able to get married in ancient China.
Ô-á-chian (oyster omelette)! A Taiwan night market staple. If you live in NYC, Kopitiam is a Malaysian restaurant that has a similar version.
Fiona Luo
Boba!! A Taiwanese invention
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