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Thread: 🇭🇷 I’d get a tiny boat and island-hop around Croatia 🚤
Michael MacLeod
What would be your reason? 🌊
Hannah Ray
I think probably a mix of Cornwall, LA and Copenhagen...
Michael MacLeod
@hannah what did you like about LA tho? I was stuck in traffic most of the time 😩 until escaping to the beautiful coast
Hannah Ray
Omg you are so right about LA @mike! Maybe @lukedaxgledhill can sell it to us? I remember loving the art and culture there, but hating the traffic too! And just getting out the city and going to Palm Springs on one visit and Joshua Tree on another. I think I actually meant California?! Bloody loved the climate and the national parks are amazing. Also, additional curveball: nippon! (Pic: Mnt Fuji-san of course!)
Bailey Elaine
I’m doing this now! In nosara, Costa Rica. Surf in the morning, work (on the same time zone as the US), surf.Plus - I get to speak Spanish, live in a country that actually takes care of its people and the environment, eat local veggies and fruits, and retreat to the mountains or Caribbean side when I need a change of place.
Luke Gledhill
@bailey you’ve sold me on Costa Rica, tell me more
Luke Gledhill
@hannah the traffic isn’t that bad, we love LA and everything it has to offer. Beaches, mountains, food, art, music, culture, people
Luke Gledhill
@mike we’re doing that right now, currently based in Tulum Mexico, if you have the benefit of working remotely then why not take full advantage. We met some people here visiting form NY, their bosses think they’re working remotely in NY so when they take their calls they have to be low key but they’re getting away with it!
El Deane
I love the idea of a mix to make the most of the sunshine - likewise, I’m really keen on LA and here’s why
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