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Your New York moments!

For the better or the worst..our « this is sooooo New York » kind of stories. 🗽🎵 add yours:

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Thread: Lena Friedrich in ‘Inglorious Bastards’. It all started as an...
Marie Salomé
Christina Daniels partied like it’s 1962 for New Year Eye 2020 🕺
Marie Salomé
Lucien Zayan asking random strangers offering free advice in the park if he should stay in New York or go back to France « New York is a generous city and it gives you what you put in.» they say. He has been in NYC for 12 years. - photo by Simon Courchel
Marie Salomé
Old Russian ladies from Coney Island told our 6 weeks old baby that her parents are crazy for taking her to the beach as such a young age. It was her first time seeing the ocean 🌊
Marie Salomé
Robin Scher discovering a painting of ‘himself’ at the MET Museum
Marie Salomé
Kenneth Schlenker’s encounter with a very unusual art advisor (he ended up declining to do business with him)
Bailey Elaine
Playing chess in Washington square park two summers ago and getting my ass kicked
Darren and his Classic Range Rover
Hannah Ray
When New York absorbed me and took me on a wild ride with only denim shorts, t-shirt, flip flops and a back pack
Liz Wasden
I heart NY 🗽❤️🚮
Richard Sears
Skating in Red Hook
El Deane
Serendipitous moments Vol 1 🙂
Wayne Price
QT in Broadway
A very special surprise birthday
Marie Salomé
I guess Quentin Tarentino is the guest star of this beam so keep sharing your QT stories!
Anna B
All you need is New York
Four 17 year-olds go to NYC for the 1st time. What could go wrong!
Jesse Rogg
Da Funk
Jesse Rogg
The Roots @ Bowery Ballroom
Jonathan Weaver
Sarah Dw
Why New York is forever associated with my brilliant messy music mad early 20s
Karin Bar
First time i met Anna W, 2015
Marie Salomé
New Yorkers are usually in a love and hate relationship to NYC, so feel free to also share your creepy and bad NYC stories. They are also part of what makes New York, New York... Right?
Marie Salomé
When a rat invites itself (way too close to your baby) to remind you that NYC is always a little bit crappy.
Antoine Manceaux
How I met my wife
Natalie Minerva AKA Nail Swag 💅🏼
Random act of kindness from a stranger 🥺