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Potato sack talk 🤰

how to feel confortable and ourselves during this 9 months body revolution?🤰🏽💫🪄 from fashion tips to practical recommendations… share yours !

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Thread: How to look and feel good when pregnant… share your fashion...
Marie Salomé
@hannah invested in a bathing costume from a UK company called Youswim. Those bathing suits stretch to perfectly fit any body shape. (Makes me want one so bad !)
Marie Salomé
Alexis bought some men jeans from Levi’s and still wears them as ‘boyfriend jeans’ now that the baby Micah is born 👖✨
Literally enjoying the belly out in the Brazilian winter 😅😅
Count Von Crypt
Big thank you & support to all pregnant women!
Marie Salomé
Stretch wrap dresses like this one by Brazilian designer Andrea Marques