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Thread: David Lewis Kyle - ABSTRAXX ‘You got to be passionate about the...
Luke Gledhill
Ben Parsek - VJ Signs ‘Make your move, it’s great to be brain storming, it’s good to be strategizing but don’t get caught up’.
Luke Gledhill
Alex Valley - Unity Wellness Co ‘Keep things as simple as possible - best acronym - Keep It Simple Stupid’
Luke Gledhill
Ashkahn Mokhber - Kahn Skincare ‘Find your voice, find your niche, stay true to yourself.’
Luke Gledhill
Rob Ceccarelli - Athlete Business Manager ‘Rest, proper rest to be at peak levels to grow your brand. Always be learning - learn what your competitions doing.’
Luke Gledhill
Taylor Offer - FEAT Clothing ‘Don’t give up, the only difference between entrepreneurs that make it & those that don’t, is literally not giving up!’
Luke Gledhill
Kevin Dorey - Vassa Clothing ‘Fail fast, then forgive yourself & your mistakes faster. Always try to see all the pitfalls in your way.’