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What would you tell your teenage self?

A collection of stories based on my book “The Anti Blueprint Project”

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Thread: Add your voice into the beam and tell me what you would tell...
Jonathan Weaver
Jonathan Weaver
Jonathan Weaver
Dray Gardner aka Silent Savasana
Jonathan Weaver
Christian Sellers, creator of Pushfins
Jonathan Weaver
Luke Trembath aka The Dingo
Jonathan Weaver
Bailey Richardson
Jonathan Weaver
Elisa Schaller
Jonathan Weaver
Damon Morris, Sr PLM The North Face collabs
Jonathan Weaver
Jackie Beale
Jonathan Weaver
Meghann O’Brien Traditional weaver
Jonathan Weaver
Kirsty Godso, Master Trainer
Jonathan Weaver
Jennifer Yih, Nutritional Therapist
Jonathan Weaver
Chris Den Uijl, creator of Baja Beach Fest and thousands more live events
Jonathan Weaver
Mikey Taylor, skateboarder, entrepreneur, investor
Jonathan Weaver
Matt Barr, podcast host of “Looking Sideways”, agency founder.
Jonathan Weaver
Chris Den Uijl had so many great nuggets so he gets two posts.
Jonathan Weaver
Olav Stubberud, photographer for Justin Bieber, Kygo, Axwell, Chainsmokers and more
Jonathan Weaver
Nick Grantham, Premier League strength and conditioning coach.
Jonathan Weaver
Nathan Gallagher, photography with many of the sporting worlds greats. Lewis Hamilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andy Murray and more
Jonathan Weaver
Miles Chamley Watson, Olympic medalist, fencer, Arsenal fan. One of the best humans around.
Jonathan Weaver
Ryan @rothwellness Investor, skateboarder.
Jonathan Weaver
Jonathan Weaver
Orlando Von Einsiedel, Oscar winning film maker for “the white helmets” and “Virunga”.
Jonathan Weaver
Tesa Aragones, CMO of Discord.
Jonathan Weaver
@harrymcinley very wise words. Great podcast and yes he is a model.
Alan Sternberg (tech producer, entrepreneur, DJ and family man) - be the most curious cat!
Michael MacLeod
@mike on perspective and good times over grades and savings
Sarah Muir
I would tell my teenage self that comparison to others is ok if it inspires positive it’s ok but if not, trust that you are where you are meant to be and others are where they are meant to be. Trust the process ✨
Pedro Soeiro Dias
Pedro Soeiro Dias - Father, Husband, Marketer, Skateboarder...
Moritz Born
Learn to listen to your intuition.
Emilie Uttrup
You don’t have to be the best at everything to be good enough! Showing vulnerability is a huge strength and not a weakness ✨
Philippe H
Write your own book - and don’t do too much drugs
Part II of what I would tell my teenage self
On authority, perfection + what my teenage self can tell me now!
tino 🌙
It’s okay to want to be the best.
Jesse Rogg
Manifestation is real
Gio Fillari
What I would tell my teenage self.
Marki Shkreli
Jonathan Weaver
Mark Warnick
The life you want is found in discovering your own path, not in following someone else’s or someone else path for you. You have to learn how to win or lose on your own.
Mark Warnick
Find a process you love when no one else is listening. When the act of doing your art or work is the reward you know you found something special to you.
El Deane
Chill the hell out!
Tell it like it is!
I’d tell myself that I’m good enough.
Gina Cerejo
Just start something! Anything! 😊
Romain Colin
First one 🙏🏼
Dawn Jones
Defining success, self-worth, and understanding that dreams change.
Andrew Boyd
Pursue what you’re passionate about.
Nadya Okamoto
Jonathan Weaver
Thank you! And Bring a friend, send them the invite link
Don’t be in such a rush to grow up
Siobhan Brogan
Don’t listen to the adults ✋
Jesse Rogg
No one actually truly knows what they’re doing, so go ahead and do whatever you want to .. and over time you’ll become great at it
My younger self wouldn‘t have listened. We all need to learn and experience things the way we need to, so maybe it‘s not even that bad.
Jonathan Weaver
Lilly - Call Your Bestie
You’re so much stronger than what you think you are.
@ItsJesseRogg - thanks for sharing that. No one knows what they’re doing. We’re all just writing the handbook to life every day.
Your life is a continuum, and you’ve got a long way to still go…and that’s really awesome.
✨Takes psychedelics once✨
Run from your parents.
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