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Thread: Mike, 67, NHS surgeon, UK.
Hannah Ray
Katie, NHS frontline worker, UK.
Hannah Ray
Sarah, 62, UK.
Hannah Ray
Maya, Tel Aviv.
Hannah Ray
@jkhaydock, 69, UK.
Hannah Ray
Jenny, 34, NHS frontline worker, UK.
Marie Salomé
Just got my COVID vaccine 💉 and I am thinking of our dear friend in COVID NICU 🙏♥️
Alex Ficquette
This string quartet greeted us after receiving our vaccination. I❤️NY
Marie Salomé
Yay!! 2nd shot is ✅ ! And side effects are behind me! And I am quoting @marc 🙃
Caroline Faucher-Winter
My 13yo and 19yo got the shots. #happy
Hannah Ray
Covid vaccine shot number 1!