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What nurtures us ?

The first thing we might think about it food but what else nurtures us as bio-individuals ?

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Thread: Primary and secondary foods
Marie Salomé
Fresh organic vegetables and great quality meats. I can say I am a food snob maybe. But I believe it might be more expensive now to pay for high quality product and less expensive in doctors bills.
Marie Salomé
Swimming also nurtures me! 💦
Michael MacLeod
Playing instruments
Lilly - Call Your Bestie
Dogs & Nature make me to a hole new person! 🌱
Eleni Stefanou
Dancing 🕺
Marie Salomé
Sleep! 😁
Marie Salomé
Observing or -even better- the feeling of being under a tree and looking at the light and wind in its foliage. It soothes me so much. And brings me back immediately to childhood memories where everything is so quiet and slow paced.