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Thread: I hopped on the beams app through @jonathanweaver! What is your...
Jesse Rogg
Gives rather than takes
Jonathan Weaver
Philippe H
You can’t hide behind your voice
Eleni Stefanou
Big fans of Beams here 🖐
Beams gives me an excuse to reconnect
James Drake
I didn’t realise there was a limit 🙈
Anna Lisa
Future of Beams
Mark Warnick
Mark Warnick
Here is a quick app icon idea. This is in no way the best idea for the icon. It was meant as a way to give suggestions that I hope sparks something for the team to rift on. Happy to have more conversations around this. Been design/building tech apps for the past decade plus so I would love to contribute to this app. I really see this as a real major platform over the coming years. Nice work team. So grateful to be a part of this.
Mark Warnick
New wave of social is conversational. I am so excited to help refine this platform. Let’s have a beams brainstorm!
Sarah Muir
10/10 would recommend to a friend.
Sarah Muir
Anja Bohinc Bojetú
Unique Beams Engagement
Johnny K
My first beam reply. I hope it worked thanks
James Drake
Beams x education
Max Tatton-Brown
Emoji cover images
Yasmin Said
Beams not only encourages conversations amongst individuals around the world but allows you to easily understand and hear the perspectives of others and their life story.
Sarah Muir
My musings on engagement