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Is your degree related to the job or profession you’re in right now?

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Thread: #thread What uncertain events have led you to where you are now?
A defining moment that kickstarted the team of Beams was the work with artist JR and @marc on their voice collaboration projects
Mareike Blume Weaver
Corona turned out to be the turning point for our family to leave the US
Jonathan Weaver
Yes @bibitakwah great to see you hear! One of the most uncertain moments for me was breaking my neck snowboarding. Led me on a path to where I am now. Never imagined this journey but here we are. @3vies @giofillari love to hear your unexpected/uncertain event that led to where you are now
Alex Ficquette
Staying open to life’s possibilities will always lead you to your next opportunity
I’m not sure if I answered the question but here goes!
Gio Fillari
The process of elimination and harsh realities.
Jesse Rose
Jesse Rose
Mark Warnick
3 part response here. Part 1 - being driven out of department for being “too creative for us to keep up”. Helped me realize I am a creator and not a worker bee.
Mark Warnick
Part 2 - recognizing Mormonism wasn’t an environment or framework that was helping me and deciding to leave. One of the biggest mind fucks I’ve experienced. Learning what you believe for yourself is essential to finding out what life you want to create.
Mark Warnick
Part 3 - publishing my first print magazine around documenting my journey of learning to live life intentionally.
Jesse Rogg
Luke Gledhill
@bibitakwah I love having conversations with new people I’m blessed to meet, you don’t know where those conversations can lead you, sometimes it can take you to another country!
Jamal Omar
Sometimes your passion could be laying right in front of you. I think it is important to never overlook anything because you may not realize you enjoy doing it.
Jonathan Weaver
Love to know your story @bibitakwah
Jonathan Weaver
Believe in yourself @bibitakwah
Philippe H
Takwah Ahmad
@jonathanweaver I wasn’t expecting anyone to rebound that question back to me haha but here’s my uncertain event/story on how the salty pistachio became a thing!
Takwah Ahmad
Thank you for sharing your stories! @alan @jonathanweaver @mareikeweaver
Takwah Ahmad
@misternobu @giofillari thank you for contributing to my beam! I truly appreciate you sharing your stories ♥️ couldn’t agree more
Yasmin Said
Being able to write poetry not only led me to finally learn more about myself but gave me a chance to finally creatively express myself.