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What if this was the new normal?


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Thread: What if?
Eleni Stefanou
Let’s enjoy it while it lasts
Lenart Puselja
Marie Salomé
Love your idea @leo and also the timing of this outage
Unity Eagle
Love this detox
Johnny K
Did anyone else have problems logging into their MySpace account ? 😂
Michael MacLeod
NaTuRe iS hEaLiNg 🐬🔥🍿
Switching off shouldn’t feel like an effort!
Social media is the infrastructure of online culture
El Deane
I’m left with a head scratcher today…
Eleni Stefanou
@minimalism I can relate!
Eleni Stefanou
Hey @mike 👋
Michael MacLeod
Media-free Mondays? @elenistefanou 👋
Eleni Stefanou
@mike (and others) if a major social platform was going to shut down next week which would you prefer it to be?
Unity Eagle
I definitely would get rid of FB
Eleni Stefanou
My relationship with Facebook is healing ❤️‍🩹
Unity Eagle
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