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Habits for Healthy Relationships

Characteristics of a healthy relationship.

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Thread: Creating safe connections #relationships #healthyhabits...
Marie Salomé
When each partner has time for themselves ☀️
Brayanna Braithwaite
Beside each other
Lorrine Patterson
Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts!
Eleni Stefanou
Morphing into a ‘conjoined’ experience
Eleni Stefanou
The importance of expression
Johnny K
It’s very important to maintain a healthy relationship and create healthy habits by openly talking about your desires more importantly respect and honour their differences as well
Johnny K
One of the most important healthy habits in a great relationship is intimacy a good been I’m just holding your hand giving a quick cuddle or anything more but just remember that as humans need it so much
Eleni Stefanou
@chocolatejohnny’s comment made me think of love languages
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