Hi, we’re Beams 👋.

We’re a social micro podcasting app that allows you to collaborate with others using only your voice.

Start a beam on any topic, and add people to share off-the-cuff voice recordings from anywhere in the world. From ideas on our future to sharing experiences of what it means to be human today, Beams evolve and grow with your group as the conversation flows.

We created Beams because we felt like we were losing touch with one another and what we’re really about. As humans, we crave real conversations about things that bring us closer together. But we were lacking the simple and easy tools to be able to do this online. We missed the honesty of messy chats and eye-opening debates – in a space where no-one’s judging.

Cue: Beams. A digital space for multiple voices to come together around any subject. There are no identities to curate. No ‘digital presences’ to stick to. Just unrehearsed anecdotes, ideas and experiences you can release into the wild. Like dinner conversations between friends, or a poetry reading with a set of complete strangers.

Adding your voice to a beam is sharing without the pressure of whether it fits with a personal brand. It’s a place to experiment and challenge your ideas, thoughts and musings – and in doing so, get closer to others. We like to think of Beams as one big sonic scrapbook — made up of voices from groups of people all over the world.

We want Beams to be a place for all conversations, big or small. A space where all voices are heard.

So how does it work?

Beams are micro podcasts that anyone can create, invite others to join and collaborate on, or listen to.

Starting a beam is simple. Create a title, record your voice and release into the wild. It might be a thought you’ve had for a while, or it might be an idea that came to you in that moment. It can be as planned or impromptu as you like.

Once it’s out there, invite others to respond and collaborate on your beam by adding their voices. It doesn’t have to be recorded together or ‘live,’– they can add their voice whenever they like. A beam is always ever-evolving, so people can continue to add to it every day.

You can also join a beam: get updates as it grows and evolves over time as voices are added.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start a beam. Don’t overthink it. Just hit record, find some collaborators and see where it takes you. You never know what it might turn into.

What we stand for

We celebrate life

When we connect about something we like, whether it’s with our best pals or a stranger, we feel on top of the world. At Beams, we celebrate these little moments – the energy, the optimism and the thirst for life that comes with feeling connected to one another. We celebrate each other’s talents, ideas and thoughts, both on our app and internally.

We are diverse and complex

Every single human being is different, so every voice will be too. We celebrate these differences. We know that each individual life has its own twists and turns, and there’s no single pathway. So we encourage creativity through seeing and representing the world in different ways. We celebrate the diversity and perspectives in our team and in our app. Beams is a safe environment that promotes a diversity of interests across the world.

We’re our community champions and biggest fans

We are the biggest fans of the people we work with and the people who use our product. We want to know everything. We’ll listen to your concerns, want to hear your ideas, and ultimately we do what we know is best for the community at large. We care for each others’ wellbeing and the success of each individual and the team. Our passion for the people who are our people wins.

We’re open, honest & inclusive

Just as we want our internal team to be open, honest and unapologetically themselves – we want everyone who uses Beams to feel the same. Our community should feel valued and understood. And our spaces should feel totally inclusive, diverse and free, in a way that doesn’t feel polished, curated, exoticised, tokenised or fetishised. Beams covers a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and ideas, which represent and reflect our global community. They are also open, safe spaces to share and respect other opinions.

We care and feel a sense of responsibility for the world and our environment

We feel a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet, and we want to limit the damaging impact on our built and natural environments. We act in a way which is conscious about our resources, and encourage everyone in our team and community to do so. We want to create a new app which is socially responsible too, taking into account the current landscape of our world which affects how we interact with each other.