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Let’s talk about habits, routines and ways of thinking we’re trying to unlearn. No judgement here, just good vibes 😎

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Thread: Welcome! What are you trying to unlearn? And how’s it going?
Using language which assumes or infers gender is binary
Talking in obscure British phrases and colloquialisms (especially working as part of an international team!)
More listening less thinking about my reply!
Marie Salomé
Trying to unlearn the rush to answer I might have in a discussion —> trying to take time to think more before answering questions
Hannah Ray
Listening by leaving space. Avoiding “sorry” and “just” in daily communication.
Eleni Stefanou
Trying to resist the urge to fix everything and instead just listen
Kim Kassnove
🐌 Slow Down 🐢
Hannah Ray
Also reset to slow down! @Kimkassnovecoaching
Kim Kassnove
@hannah 🌟beautiful insights. Thank you 🌟
The feeling of constant urgency is contagious!
Mirroring what other people bring to an interaction! It’s a really deep rooted instinct of mine which can be good or bad depending on the setting. I want to dial down the negative side, and make more room for empathy in its place.