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That time in High School…

We‘ve all been there, High School. A place full of crazy teachers, students, and cringey and wild moments… Why not share some stories?

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Thread: Mocking a teach by putting on a bunch of lipstick? It was quite...
Love on the northern line!
Ball boy part 1
Ball boy pt 2
Marie Salomé
A girl from my class switched the chalk of the blackboard for a tampon to embarrass a young teacher who had a heavy tendency for blushing. Very embarrassing.
Michael MacLeod
Wild stories about my friend Anthony. Part 1.
Wet TP sticks well onto the ceiling…
Wrong person!
Michael MacLeod
@Naji OMG yes I 100% did that too. A devastating moment as the whole class points and howls: “WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY” at you 🤣
Eleni Stefanou
@DoDo your class sounds awesome 😂 @Naji @mike I think I’m at the top of that leaderboard 🙈
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