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This is the sweetest beam. It’s everything sweet, everything yummy & nice. Let’s hear from all the chocolate, cake, sweets, deserts, gelato lovers.

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Thread: Chocolate and everything sweet. This is the sweetest beam. It’s...
Try to compete with Auer in Geneva
Kimberly Kay Scott, IIN
Isabelle Sciamma
Roman gelato!
Johnny K
Thanks I googled them
Johnny K
Hey Kimberly I love the gelato flavours to
Johnny K
Isabel I love the flavours that you have picked classic Italian ones and thanks
Philippe H
Gelateria Dondoli
Johnny K
Who did invent gelato?
Kirsty Fraser
I made some Indian Barfi last night for the first time! Has anyone tried it?
Johnny K
We would love to make that Indian barfi
Kirsty Fraser
Barfi recipe attached! My colleague who gave me the recipe is fundraising for the covid response in India so I’m donating in return for the recipes ☺️
Johnny K
Thank you Kristy
Kirsty Fraser
Johnny K
Michael MacLeod
Found a £40 bar and it actually sounds yummy 🤔
Johnny K
Johnny K
The small versions of that machine
💯 Grand bars - anybody remember?