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Your Favourite Poem 🌟

Hi everyone! We’re sharing some of our favourite poems and we’d love to hear yours too! Read the whole thing or just a stanza or your favourite line!

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Thread: The First Water Is The Body by Natalie Diaz (from Postcolonial...
April Chan
My Belly by Jollin Tan
April Chan
yearning for cracks in the surface [an original poem by April Chan]
An excerpt from ‘Mustafa Centre Blues’, and found in Pooja Nansi’s poetry collection “We Make Spaces Divine”.
Bailey Elaine
This poem by Jack Gilbert has made me cry, and taught me a lot about aging as a human being.
When I Have Fears by John Keats
Hannah Ray
An excerpt from The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock, by TS Eliot
A beautiful poem made by a legend, classic shit!
Brenda Wong
Ear Muffs by Andrea Gibson
Hazel Saunderson
These words 🙌 A recent favourite from a piece of poetry and ceramic art I bought recently from a Scottish artist collaborative duo Seatree.
Joseph Brodsky- Loneliness🤍
True Tenderness by Anna Akhmatova, written in 1913🤍
Muse by Anna Akhmatova 🤍
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